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One of the key skills while playing Darts is the ability to count rapidly and choose the best option for the next throw.

It’s very important to know at any time what you need to throw. If you master counting techniques, your Darts level will rise significantly, and in any situation you would know how to double out the game. If you doubt what section you should hit next, then your hesitation could affect your throw accuracy and the total score of the game.

The skill of fast calculating and the knowledge of standard out combinations is very important in the late game. There are lots of ways and methods that allow winning the Darts game quickly and efficiently. You could study lots of different theories and techniques, but all of them are based on the one key ability – you have to be able to do quick mental arithmetic of your next throw and know the basic out combinations.

Of course, the best way to obtain these skills is just to play the Darts. Play Darts as often as possible! But what to do if you want to train the account or to repeat the out combinations when it is impossible to play the real game? For example, on the way to work or studies, during your lunch time… Or in any other free time! What if you haven’t played Darts for some time and want to restore your gaps in double-outs?

This simple application will help you to train the ability to count the basic endings at the Darts game. You will be able to train at any time and in any place using your iPad or iPhone!



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Features of the Application



You can choose the following simplified strategy for beginners in game 501:



The application is set to a small inaccuracy of throws during game 501 and you have thrown till 95 score. You check the reference out chart and it is said that to double-out score 95 you should hit 57(T19)+38(D19). You throw into T19, but you hit the section 3, and your score becomes 92 and you are left with two darts. You check the out chart and see that to double-out 92 you should hit 60(T20)+32(D16). And these are your favorite sections! Two accurate throws and the game is won! If you learn the basic out combinations and train the mental arithmetic, using Darts Study Application, you will stop checking out the reference book during calculations, the games would be fast and productive, as the continuation of your thought.

User manual

Storing 2-dart out combinations

For storing the basic 2-dart out combinations use a Tab "Notes". Out combinations are divided into four groups for separate learning. You can learn a group of them and then pass to a training section at Tab "Darts".

If during training you are not sure in some certain combination you can always switch to Tab "Notes" to check out the correct one.

Out combinations can be displayed in the form of numbers, or in a type of D20, D19. You can set up a display mode on a Tab "Options".


Checkouts training

Select Tab "Darts" for training checkouts. For a fast storing out combinations you can learn them in small portions.

Remember several combinations at the Tab "Notes", for example all in the range of 60 to 69. Set up "Checkouts range" from 60 to 69, use the maximum accuracy "Accuracy" and then press "Play".

During training, the application will offer to end game with out combinations from the chosen range.  Game ends are offered in a random order.

If you are thinking more than 5 seconds, the application will show a hint that is displayed in the "Tips" area. Extra hint is highlighted with a blue color at the Darts board.

You can turn off the hints at the Tab "Options". After finishing all checkouts from the chosen range, the training ends. The training can be repeated by hitting "Play" button. Repeat the training of the selected range several times until you confidently and quickly checkout them without using hints.

The result of the training can be viewed hitting "Score" button. The screen displays a list of completed checkouts and the time you have spent to complete them.

You can consider that you’ve done a good training if the time of every turn is about 1 second.

To complicate the training, you can reduce the accuracy of the throw by adjusting the slider "Accuracy".


Training of arithmetic

For a training of the mental arithmetic adjust a slider of "Accuracy" and press one of buttons "101", "301", "501". Click sections on the Darts for a throw, monitor the account of approach in the field "Turn". Count the result of the game in mind.

If you are not sure of the current score, check the result, by pressing "Score" button. Continue a game, counting the score in mind.

Train the arithmetic until you are able to finish a game freely and quickly without spotting the result with "Score" button.


Application Settings

It is possible to configure various application settings on a Tab "Options".



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